Classic Smart Tunable White 7W LED Light Bulb (E27) Dimmable


Embrace new age technology with our exciting new range of Smart light bulbs to give you ultimate flexibility and your desired room ambiance.

With the Classic Smart Tunable White you can easily change the white color temperature (cool to warm) and also the level of brightness either via the free Calex app or with voice control using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.  Go from bright morning light to warm evening light, and set timers and routines to optimize your living comfort.

These smart lamps work with a wall switch via WiFi not a dimmer switch and are perfect for pendants, wall lights and table lamps. 


Fitting: E27
Diameter: 60mm
Height: 104mm
Dimmable: Yes
Wattage: 7W LED
Light output: 806 lumen
Colour: White
Colour temperature: 2200-4000 K


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Please allow 7-10 days for delivery