The Lighting Trends for 2020

Looking for what’s new in lighting? Here’s a sneak peak into lighting trends 2020!

My favorite place to find new trends that will change home decor is with the lighting manufacturers. They are cutting edge setting the tone for home design trends 12 to 18 months ahead of just about all other home decor manufacturers. 

After walking the High Point Furniture market this spring, there were some clear lighting trends I saw that will impact 2020 interior design and an emerging new finish you’s start to see everywhere next year!

2020 Lighting Trends

Walking the High Point Furniture Market is always a treat! I see so much inspiration, meet new people and trend spot.

The lighting showrooms have been a favorite ever since I was at the head of marketing at a cabinet hardware manufacturer.

We found lighting to be the BEST predictor of home decor trends and finishes. The higher end lighting companies are usually displaying what will be a trend 12 to 18 months out in the future. 

I’m a “keep it simple” kind of person. Yes you can visit hundreds of showrooms to find trends, but there are a few that never disappoint and always hit the mark!

18 May 2021

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